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Released January 2022 – Available now from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and others.

Artifacts Liner Notes

My first album, Deadeyes, was, in terms of style, progressive rock and blues. This album is quite different.

The songs on this album fit into the broad category of Folk/Americana. The instruments are primarily acoustic and these songs tell stories. Some are narratives, like Van Diemen’s Land or the song, Artifacts. Others capture a moment in time or a particular feeling, as in I Can’t Decide, Harriet’s song, or Oh Lavinia. The rest, like Skeleton Train, Robotman, A Chance, and Friends\Parade, are somewhere in between.

Like on my first album, I’ve written all of the songs and the lyrics, perform all of the vocals, and play all of the instruments.

I want to particularly thank a couple of people for their invaluable help with the recording process. First, Karen, my wife, listens to endless versions and tracks repeated over and over, and also provides technical help with downloading and transferring files, all of this with endless patience and frank opinions!

I also want to thank John Henke, who takes my mixdowns and remasters them into something more professional than I could achieve on my own. He also manages much of the interaction with the distributor and streaming services, both of which present some real challenges to a blind musician.

I also want to thank Jordan DePatis, a graphic artist out of Des Moines, Iowa, who designs my album cover art.

Finally, I want to thank Laurie Schneider for the photography. In the cover, she took the photo of the guitar. This guitar has its own interesting story.  It seems to be a guitar without a name, but it is the one that my father learned to play and many years later, it came to me as my first guitar. I still have it.

I welcome all feedback!


To view song lyrics, click on the song title.

I Can’t Decide
Van Diemen’s Land
The Blind Song
Harriet’s Song
A Chance
Margaret the Ghost
Robot Man
Skeleton Train
Lullaby for Rosie
O Lavinia