Craig J. Hansen

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Margaret the Ghost

Margaret lived alone
In a big house made of stone
For as long as she can recall
She’s lived here on her own.

She sweeps the dusty floors
And does other dusty chores
And she likes to wind the clock that chimed
Before the Civil War.

Why have I stayed so long?
Why did I stay behind
When everyone else is gone?
But I keep this place so clean
No one does a better job than me.

Margaret still can see
In a vivid memory
Her grandpa showing her the view
Up from the balcony.

In his merry way, he said
He hoped she’d always stay
So she kept the big stone house
Until she passed away.


And when the strangers came
It always went the same
She cleaned around them day and night
Until they went away.

When the house is clean
Sometimes Margaret can be seen
Enjoying the view
From the balcony.

Chorus, and add

And I like the view from the balcony
And if you want to come and visit me
I might just keep you here to clean with me.

©2021 Craig Hansen