Craig J. Hansen

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The Run

“Well, here it is,” says Frankie. “Wow,” says Ivy, “that’s a lot of trees.” “It’s getting dark,” says Jimmy. “I hate winter, except for this, of course.” They stand for a moment, looking down. Ivy crouches and runs her mitten over the surface. “It’s covered with ice,” she says. Frankie joins her. “It sure is.…

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Lumberville Trolley

“Go ahead and take your seats, folks,” says the driver, using a handheld microphone. “And welcome aboard the Lumberville Trolley. There are some empty seats in the back. Yes, I know the seats aren’t all that comfortable. They’re all made of wood, just like the trolleys of old. And you can open those windows if…

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Interview with a Bumblebee

  “First, let me say how much I appreciate you meeting with me today. I know you are busy.”“No problem, and thanks for having me,” says the bumblebee. “So, it looks like you are a common eastern bumblebee.” “If you say so.” “Can you tell us something about yourself? You know, a brief introduction.” “Well,…

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Encounter Difference

  “Great to have you all here, our core group of managers and directors,” says the vice president. Around the long rectangular table, the mostly men and a few women look back blankly. “I have with us today Mary Miller from HR. As part of our diversity initiative, every quarter we hold a program where…

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Wrong Number

She dials, listens to the ring tone, and as soon as she hears the click that shows someone picked up, she says, “I’m leaving. I just wanted you to know that. You don’t even care. I’m walking out the door right now and I left the kitchen a mess and you don’t even care.” A…

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Milk Carton

“So, how long have you been playing that thing?” “I don’t know. Since I was a kid.” “Well, you’re pretty good.” The man who says this looms over the guitar player, looks like a biker. He’s big, leather jacketed, bandanna topped, bearded, tattooed, heavy booted, decorated with patches and pins. The biker points at the…

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Dog Talk

My two dogs sit comfortably in the living room. Jake sits on the seat of a wingback chair. He has a thick coat of mostly black fur, Border Collie bones, and a wolfish head. Zoey, a mutt, also has mostly black fur, graying in the face. She has kind eyes. Both are about 60 pounds…

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Dead Phone

I have the smart phone that can do lots of things that I don’t understand. And I forgive its quirks, as I’m sure it forgives mine. But then we have a problem. She wouldn’t charge up. In fact, I could watch her battery run down. I wasn’t doing anything unusual, and I thought we were…

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Beer Dabbler

Only in Minnesota. It’s odd enough to celebrate winter in any way and even odder to have a winter carnival, in January, outdoors. It’s an old tradition here, fueled by alcohol and hubris and, admittedly, a certain amount of hardiness. One of the more recent events has been the Beer Dabbler. It sounds like a…

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