Craig J. Hansen

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A Chance

A street light shines dimly
Through the mix of rain and snow
She hunches her shoulders against the cold.
She waited for the last bus
But it never did show
Now she’s walking home and she is walking alone.

She wishes she had the money
To buy herself a car
But it takes all she earns just to live
And living means she needs to feed the kids.

She goes to this night college
Wants to be an engineer
Her friends and family tell her that’s a dream
But her mother tries to help her
By staying with the kids
Then it’s back to work and school
And not much sleep.

It seems to take forever to earn that degree
Especially with these troubles on her mind
But she learns to take it one step at a time

But when she looks into the future
When she looks on down the line
She doesn’t know how
She’ll get through it all
But she just keeps on walking
To keep that chance alive.

Then back to her apartment
Checks on the sleeping kids
Thanks her mother for the gift of time
Then it’s off to homework, then to work and then to school
Round and round it goes
Like a nursery rhyme.

Another single mother
Trying to make things work
She just wants to give herself a chance
Like the last person standing at the dance.


©2021 Craig Hansen