Craig J. Hansen

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My Original Music

In addition to being an author, I am a very active musician. The pandemic had one small silver lining for me. It gave me time to focus on my original music and record it.

I have been a performing musician since I was 14, and have played in bands in many different styles, from hard rock to Irish music. I am currently in a couple of bands, one is an acoustic band that does Americana and other roots music. The other is a rock band that originated where I live, Stillwater, Minnesota, that actually had one hit song in the late 60s. In that band, The Moretishans, I am the lead guitar player, taking the place of the original lead guitarist who passed away.

I have a lot of recordings available now on all of the music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, and most others. My music is also available on YouTube, for any who do not have a paid music streaming service.

I would put my music into two main genres: rock/blues and Americana/folk. For all of my streaming music, I write the songs, the lyrics, play all instruments, and perform all vocals. I also do the recording in my home studio, a challenge for a blind person.

Music is essential for me. And for me, it is another way to tell stories. Many of my songs are really compact short stories or character sketches. In that sense, I am entirely consistent as an author and musician. They are both narrative outlets, ways for me to share my experiences and stories, as well as indulge my probably over-active imagination.

Please enjoy the music if you get a chance to listen to it and please feel free to share it with anyone or everyone!