Craig J. Hansen

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Robot Man

It was never part of the plan
That I’d grow up and become a robot man
A symbol of technology
In my silver suit I move robotically

When I was young
There was a time

When I saw myself
As a mime
Every day, moving around
Waving my arms
Never making a sound.

Now the pressures are so great
There’s the permits and never gaining weight
In the cold and heat and rain
I do my robot thing
And then I start again.

When I’m good
And on my game
There is no time
I have no name
Every part, my head and hands
I am complete
As the robot man.

Every day I set out by myself
To claim my spot on the street
I can move just like a machine
But few people watch and the profits are lean.

Maybe I should just move on
Go back to school
Or find a job
But if that fails I know I can
Find a town square
And become the robot man.
I am the robot man.

©2021 Craig Hansen