Craig J. Hansen

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Harriet’s Song

She sat by the window to watch the birds
But it grew dark an hour ago
She’s lost in thoughts
About this house she is soon to leave
It’s not the same
With her Charlie gone.

She and Charlie built this house
So long ago
After their first daughter was born.

She remembers planting these big old trees
It’s not the same
With her Charlie gone.

Shall we dance?
Her Charlie asked.
She smiled and nodded
When he added please.
But that’s 60 years gone
The world has moved along

Now she dances with her memories.

She’ll move in with Clara and her boys
They all say
She shouldn’t live alone
But as she sits in the dark
In her river of memories
She knows this house
Will always be her home.

Repeat Chorus

©2021 Craig Hansen