Craig J. Hansen

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I Can’t Decide

Charlie sits in the dark
Staring at the screen
The blue light flickers around the room
But Charlie doesn’t see.

It felt a lot like love today
And it felt true
Can’t decide what comes next
Or what is next to do, next to do.

Danny lies in the bed
Thinking about the day
Trying to get some sleep
But sleep just stays away.

The ceiling has an eerie glow
From the lights out on the street
And thinking about the day that’s been
Creates an eerie heat, an eerie heat.


They say,
I, can’t decide.


They hardly had a moment then
Hardly time to speak
But bodies brushed in the rush
To claim the last two seats

Then they sit an hour or two
Aware they are side by side
Was there something in that glance or smile
And neither can decide, can decide.

Chorus, with
Can’t make my mind
Don’t want to be the fool.

©2021 Craig Hansen