Craig J. Hansen

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Single Release: Requiem for the Forgotten

Photo by Erin Scott

This is a somber, reflective song, written in a mostly classical style. It has three distinct parts. It’s nothing new to think about things that pass or things that go undone, but I wanted to combine those kinds of ideas with music to support them. This is to perhaps invite others to reflect or just enjoy the music.

It was a major project in some ways. For the synthesizer and keyboard parts, I do not use a sequencer, which is essentially a way to program these parts to play for you, allowing you to refine them and revise them at a very detailed level. Instead, all of my synthesizer and keyboard parts are unbroken, direct takes, from the beginning of this song to the end.

This is always true of my music. My blindness limits my editing ability and although I might figure out someway to overcome this, as I have mentioned before, I like the more “live“ feel of these direct takes. Sometimes there are flaws, as it is difficult to be a perfect player for an extended piece, but I do like the energy and the challenge!

The song is available on all streaming services, and if you do not have a music service, you can access the song on YouTube:

If you would like to check out the lyrics: