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Single Release: Let’s Keep the Books

Photo of stacks of books in a public library by Element5 Digital | Pexels

I have spent some time as a volunteer at the local public library. This library has received a number of challenges to books, especially children’s books, that some people find objectionable. I think it’s fine if people care what their kids see and do. They should keep track of internet use and gaming and streaming and whatever – a tough job, I know. But, I don’t think having a few books that address, say, gender fluidity, is going to cause harm. Instead, it’s more likely that these books would expose kids to the world and the choices, and sometimes not really choices, that people make. I understand that some material is truly objectionable, but books that discuss and celebrate differences are valuable. So is knowledge. A public library, after all, serves a huge range of people, with all kinds of different backgrounds. Anyway, this inspired me to write a song. It’s not confrontational or blaming, but it argues to just keep books that represent a broad range of ideas.

The song is available on all streaming services, and if you do not have a music service, you can access the song on YouTube:
If you would like to check out the lyrics: