Craig J. Hansen

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Let’s Keep the Books

I don’t climb many mountains
And I don’t sail the sea
And when I need something to do
I’ll probably skip TV
I’ll reach out for something to read
Most the time that’s all I need
To have a book in hand
Or maybe something on the screen.

I will take up reading
When I’m high or when I’m low
Takes me to so many worlds
Where I could never go
But it seems now that books are part of a game
Where folks try to bury them in blame
They can have their opinions and their voice
But every reader deserves a choice.

It’s fine with me if parents
Want to know what their kid reads
Kids get their values
From a parent’s words and deeds
But the public library, it serves all types
The rich, the poor, the in between
Of all political stripes.

Books aren’t here to tell you
To be this or to be that
In the end, it’s up to you
Where you will hang your hat
But reading as a kid
I soon could see
That the world out there
Was a whole lot bigger than me
It all deserves a closer look
Why don’t you choose yourself a book?


©2022 Craig Hansen