Craig J. Hansen

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With Every Day

We walk the dog
Go out to the store
I’ll make the lunch
If you will sweep the floor.

Out in the yard.
There’s work to do
I’ll mow the grass
The flowers are for you.

With every day
It’s still a surprise
The life that we’re living
I see it in your eyes
With every night
That brings the day
It could all slip away.

We sit on the porch
With some friends
We talk and we laugh
While evening descends.

The weekend is short
The futures unknown
We read or we nap
Each on our own


We sit by the phone
And wait for the call
The voice that explains
Explains it all.

We’ll do our best
Because that’s what we do
I’ll live in the past
If I live without you.


©2022 Craig Hansen