Craig J. Hansen

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When I Tried to Forget Her

Just look back, not too far
You don’t want to fall
Take it in like a book begins
And you can see it all
An angry girl
With a lonely twirl
Who once gave you a call.

She could sing and she could dance
But not too much out loud
Unless the chance of circumstance
Put her in front of a crowd
A little too crass, a little too fast
And always way too loud.

As soon as I met her
I knew we were done
When I tried to forget her
We had hardly begun
Everybody around me
Told me to run
But whenever I saw her
I knew that she’d won.

Where’d she go, I don’t know
I misunderstood
I took my time and lost my mind
And she was gone for good
Might self deceive, hard to believe
I held her in my arms.

Just a thought at night, a fading light
A different kind of blue
The sweet and sour, the witching hour
The memory of you.


©2022 Craig Hansen