Craig J. Hansen

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Too Late Again

Here I am, up too late again
I’ve got too many thoughts
Running through my head
The house is quiet
I sit here alone
That winter light coming through my window
Chills me to the bone.


When the sun goes down
And thoughts grow dark
All this thinking
Is doing me no good
And that empty street
Calls to me
Like tomorrow.

I could walk away
But where would I go?
To look for answers
But it’s the questions I don’t know
It doesn’t help
That it’s the middle of the night
People say things get better
If you wait for the light.

So I step outside
To get some air
The way the snow gleams under that winter moon
A sight so rare
I go back inside
Warm and secure
If all this trouble is in my mind
Then nature is the cure.


©2023 Craig Hansen