Craig J. Hansen

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The Things You Keep

Lost my keys in a parking lot
Lost my credit card
Lost my dog three years ago
I still take that hard.

They say that life is all about loss
I don’t know if that’s true
The things you keep, they all have their cost
I learned about that through you.

Luck will come, luck will go
The same with money, too
And the folks, the ones you need the most
They might turn on you.

I thought of you as a friend
I’ve kept you close by me
But maybe I didn’t know you at all
I guess we’ll wait and see

Repeat chorus

It’s not like I’m always looking down
Not my only view
But I’d like to switch lost for found
Just to try something new.

They say that something can be gained
Each and every day
Now that’s a thought that hard to maintain
But I won’t throw it away.

They say it’s all about trust
And I will have to decide
I can forgive if I must
And the rest I can hide
And the rest I can hide.

©2022 Craig Hansen