Craig J. Hansen

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The Thing You Like Most

Shaved the hair off his head
So he grew a beard instead
He took up space
At 6 foot and 2
Never found much he liked
Until he got his Harley bike
He thought long and deep
But never showed much in school

He could stand toe to toe
With any man who wanted a go
He talked tough
And knew his machine
He could hold his liquor like an empty well
And if he was drunk, you could hardly tell
Then two cars crashed
With him in between

They saved him
Without much to spare
Then they gave him
Life in a wheelchair
And he said, this much I know
The thing you like the most
Will be the first thing that will go.

His brother was a stand up guy
Said, come live with me but you gotta try
To do something with your life
Don’t call it defeat

So he took what was left of his Harley bike
And built himself a custom trike
In a year and a half
He was back on the street.


©2022 Craig Hansen