Craig J. Hansen

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The Outsider

He wakes up in the morning
And he is mad at the world
He doesn’t understand the boys
Doesn’t understand the girls
His classes are all boring
He lives on the screen
In the shifting hierarchies
He slips in between

He hardly sees his father
His sister, she can be nice
But still he avoids her
Doesn’t want her advice
Knows how to stress his mother
But doesn’t know why
Nothing makes him feel worse
Than when he makes her cry.

The kids sing
Na na na…

Those guys on the screen
They like it when he’s mad
They want him to join with their cause
Everybody else is bad
He thinks that he is with them
He thinks they might be right
But he can’t avoid some second thoughts
When he lies awake at night.


He still clings to the child
That is hidden deep inside
That part of him
Has never died
Still he thinks he’ll be all right, all right, all right.

©2022 Craig Hansen