Craig J. Hansen

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The Morning Door is now available for purchase!

The Morning Door by Craig J. Hansen

Craig Hansen’s new book, and the third in the Jason Audley series, “The Morning Door” is now available for purchase on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. From the back cover:

Jason Audley, 35 years old, has had a colorful past (see The Skeleton Train and Winter Lake for his earlier adventures). Once a whimsical drifter, we find him now with a good job, a beautiful girlfriend, a nice home, and a faithful dog. What could go wrong? It begins when his sister plans a trip to Africa, his girlfriend rides a bicycle, and a strange old man wants to lead Jason on a spiritual journey. As in the other Jason Audley novels, the reader encounters a parade of quirky characters, fast-paced misadventure, loss and redemption, all set in the rolling countryside and small towns of Northwest Wisconsin.

craig-hansenAbout Craig J. Hansen:

Craig J. Hansen earned his doctorate from the University of Minnesota and is a professor in the Department of Communication, Writing, and the Arts at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He has published short stories and a variety of academic works.  This is his third novel.  He lives with his wife in Stillwater, Minnesota. You can visit his webpage at or email him at