Craig J. Hansen

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Reminds me of a song
Long ago by fast fall

We stopped talking
Long before the last call

(Everywhere you look
You can see the sign
It ends where it begins
At the starting line)

I don’t want to understand what you mean
So many words to read in between.

I see you there
Underneath the redwood tree
You cross your arms, shut your eyes
Then it all was clear to me.

You want to break
I want to bend
I want a chance
You hurry to the end.

All along I was looking for the way
Then the fog came up from San Francisco Bay.

One ahead
Two behind
Everything’s in front of me

You see darkness, I see light
It’s a kind of symmetry

Head up north on Highway 1
Stop to watch the setting sun, the setting sun.

©2023 Craig Hansen