Craig J. Hansen

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Single Release: Stuck in a No Man’s Land

Photo of open, deserted highway under a cloudy and dramatic sky by Pixabay | Pexels

I wanted to do a blues song with a slower feel to it. This is actually a lot more difficult to get the rhythm section in sync. The song is about feeling alienated, like an outsider. The lyrics have a geographical bent, but to me the song has broader reach.

I had fun doing the guitar leads on this song. The rhythm guitar is a Stratocaster and all of the lead sections are a Gibson 335. None of my guitars are particularly fancy and I only keep the ones I use. I am much more interested in feel and tone and soul than in any collector type price tag. My guitars show their wear and I think the more you play a guitar, the more character that develops.

The song is available on all streaming services, and if you do not have a music service, you can access the song on YouTube:
If you would like to check out the lyrics: