Craig J. Hansen

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One November Night

Jimmy knew when it was time to go home
Getting near midnight
He had several miles to walk alone
And the whiskey made him a little tight.

Made his way through a stubble field of corn
Stumbled through a muddy ditch
Got to the woods and a pathway home
Under the trees, it was dark as pitch.

He would try
Under the dark November sky
He would try
To find his way home.

A gust of wind gave him a spin
He got lost among the trees
Then he heard heavy steps come near
Oh spirit of the night, Jimmy yelled to the wind
Please get me out of here.

A voice replied
Deep as the night
It came from everywhere
Oh, just you follow me.

So Jimmy followed a shift in shape
Through the windy woods
Two bony hands was all that he could see.

He could try
Under the dark November sky
He could try
To find his way home.


Suddenly his house appeared
A welcome site
Straight ahead, through the rising mist

Thank you, man, Jimmy said
No problem, Jim, the voice replied
Your name was not on my list.

Now Jimmy loves to tell the tale
To any who will hear
How through the storm he bravely found his way
If anyone or anything
Helped him along
Jimmy has nothing else to say.

He did try
Under the dark November sky
He did try
To find his way home.

©2022 Craig Hansen