Craig J. Hansen

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Losing You

It’s been bad this last year
But I felt it before
This feeling of bad luck
I’ve been feeling it more.

I’ve tried so many things
To find some relief
They say time can heal anything
But can it heal grief?

Back when you left me
It was no surprise
Those faded colors
Those vacant eyes
I’ve tried to move onward
But I just can’t see
The end of reminders
Of my misery.

If ever it happens
That you come back to me
The things that we’ll do
The things that we’ll see.

If there is any kind of chance
I’m happy to wait
But I don’t want to fool myself
Thinking I can change my fate.

I look deep in the shadow
To find a face
There must be some way
I can fill this empty space.

There must be an answer
I search for the clue
On how I’ll get over
Losing you
Losing you
Losing you.

©2022 Craig Hansen