Craig J. Hansen

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Leave Those Words Behind

It was two days ago
I said those things
I knew I shouldn’t have said them
As soon as they came out of my mouth
If you could forgive and forget
I would appreciate it
I was having a bad day
Yours was not that bad until I said those things
Can’t you leave that all behind?

Aren’t these flowers beautiful?
I picked them myself from somebody else’s yard
But it’s the thought that counts
An olive branch

I’m hoping you can leave that all behind
I’m pretty sorry can’t you tell?
Can’t you leave those words behind.

I will take you out
We’ll go downtown
I’ll wear my nicest suit
You can wear your frown
We’ll drink, we’ll dance
Stay up all night
We’ll have some fun and we will never fight
If you can leave that all behind
What a time we will have.

Look at me, I’m a changed man
I promise I won’t complain about your cat
Or all the other things
That drive me nuts

If you can forgive and forget
Those words I said
Won’t you leave it all behind?

©2022 Craig Hansen