Craig J. Hansen

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Inland Sea

Take me back to the inland sea
Cold as ice and dark and deep
With water clear like the air you breathe
And the wind drives the fog off the forest trees.

The winter ice is snow-white bright
Under the sun in the cold blue light
The rocks are some of the oldest found
And time has worn the mountains down.

From the harbor at Grand Marais
We’ll go on to Thunder Bay
From the cliffs at the top of the Split Rock light
The aurora glows like a ghost at night.

When the wind blows from the northeast
The inland sea is a hungry beast
Then waves as tall as buildings rise
And sweep the streets of the harbor sides.

When the waves cease their roar
The waves lap the stones on the agate shore
At night a silent lightning streak
A summer storm builds on the inland sea


© 2021 Craig Hansen