Craig J. Hansen

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Here We Are

Here we are at closing time
Made it to the end
I drink whiskey, you drink wine
But you can be my friend

They say it’s time to go outside
I could use some air
I like your purple hair
Would you like to go somewhere?

I was one of those guys
I played in a band
Played some bass, sang some songs
Believe that I still can
I don’t know I guess I just
Let it drift away
Really liked to play
Maybe try again someday.

I believe you are one of those
Who could sing real well
I have a real ear for this
I can always tell

I bet you like to sing along
While driving in your car
I bet you could go far
Maybe sing here at this bar.

Oh sure, I understand
You need to go straight home
Me, I need to feed the cat
He is all alone
He was just one of those strays
Out on the town
Waiting to be found
Maybe I’ll see you around.

©2022 Craig Hansen