Craig J. Hansen

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I know you find me forgettable
But I think you are so incredible
But when I talk, you just walk away.

I think you are so intellectual
And all my words seem so ineffectual
I wish I had something clever to say.

At the gym, I see you reading
On the treadmill, running slowly
I can lift 300 pounds
Don’t you think that is a lot?

Inside of me, there’s a poet hiding
And with your help
I know I could be writing who knows?
Maybe I am the Shakespeare of today.

I hope you’re one of those who’s believing
That looks can be more than a bit deceiving
I can’t help it if I have such a sturdy frame.

Chorus, with the last line:
I can do 100 push-ups
Don’t you think that is a lot?

Maybe we could go out drinking
We could do some serious critical thinking
We could talk, maybe catch a game.

You might want your muscles to be bigger
I can train you to have more vim and vigor
I can train our bodies
You can train our brains.

Chorus, with the last line
I can do 25 pull-ups
Don’t you think that is a lot?

©2023 Craig Hansen