Craig J. Hansen

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Eddie’s End

Uncle Eddie flew his plane
Straight into the lake
According to Aunt Jenny
This was not his first mistake
He crashed in everything he owned
That he could drive or move
Something to prove
He had something to prove.

Aunt Jenny, she told Eddie
That he shouldn’t tempt his fate
His family and his work
Is where he should concentrate
She had a premonition
That he would go too far
I guess it’s true
I guess it’s true.

Something in Uncle Eddie
Made him find the edge
If he could lean out a mile high
He would find that ledge
Adrift in the normal world
But smiling all the way
He could go
Or he could stay.

Robert was Eddie’s son
And he took off in his boat
To look for the downed plane
Or anything that might float
The last thing Eddie said to him
Before he flew away
The lake
It’s so blue today.

Laurel was the oldest
And she never understood
Why Jenny stayed with Eddie
And she knew she never would
She always said her daddy
Was a million miles away
He would go
But he should stay.

©2022 Craig Hansen