Craig J. Hansen

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Blind Man Boogie

It might be that I can’t see
And I lost a big part of me
The sirens of despondency might call

It’s true I trip on rugs and chairs
Walk into walls and fall downstairs
I like to think of those as pratfalls

I’ll do the blind man boogie
I’ll do the blind man boogie, y’all
Gonna dance my way through another day
And that’s all

And if by chance I do collide
I’ll stitch up my wounded pride
I still trust my faithful guide, my dog

There are things where I don’t care
How people look or what they wear
I’ll see folks by what they say and do


Some folks shy away from me
They fear disability
I think that I can understand

Sooner or later they will discern
That everybody takes their turn
The older you get, the more you lose


©2022 Craig Hansen