Craig J. Hansen

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A Dusty Road

Walking along a dusty road
Nothing much in sight
Vanishing points ahead and behind
Summer was at its height.

The rows of corn looked uniform
They rattled in the breeze
Soon it would be harvest time
Soon there’d be a freeze.


With every memory
You can travel time
What’s up ahead was often behind.

It’s not a clarity
That I am hoping for
Just want to keep my foot in the door.

Soon there will be a farm
On the west side of the road
I knew of a family there
Before the land was sold.

Why I walked out here
There was a girl I hoped to see
Walked past her more than twice
And she stared straight at me.


Now, why I walk out here
Is not clear to me
My car is a mile away
I’ll drive back to the city.

Maybe it’s the enormous sky
Clean air, or the quiet
Or maybe it’s about a girl
That I never met.


©2022 Craig Hansen