Craig J. Hansen

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Fly So Far Away

I remember the day
You came into the world
I didn’t give a damn
Whether you were a boy or a girl
I was happy just to see
Where you might go or who you might come to be.

So we’d read a book
Turn off the light
I’d give you a kiss
And we’d say good night
I just hoped you’d be something more
More than me.

And you raised your sights
Oh, so high
Up above the clear blue sky
And I knew that you’d be fine
Come what may.

How I loved to watch you fly
But I never thought you’d fly
So far away.

Now you’ve got a family of your own
And I can see you found life and love
In a happy home
Time will pass, you’ll come to understand
How you come to miss the child
Who held your hand.

And you’ll read a book
Turn off the light
Give them a kiss
And say good night
And it will be your turn to see
Who they come to be.

And they’ll raise their sights
Oh so high
Up above
The clear blue sky.

And you’ll know that they’ll be fine
Come what may
And how you’ll love to watch them fly
But you never thought they’d fly
So far away.

©2023 Craig Hansen